The Pitch

Training Framework
Powerful LMS
Built-in Corse Library
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LearnLet is career development platform that delivers personalized training in more affordable, scalable, and measurable way.

The Problem

The Skill Gap, or the lack of effective development support provided to employees, dramatically decreases employee engagement, performance & retention.

$ 0 B
spent on corporate training in US this year
0 %
of leaders lack training pipelines
0 %
of employees feel unsupported

The Need

Did you know...

Employees consider career development as the most important benefit when choosing to work and stay at a company

0 %
consider career development the most important benefit (linedin 19)
0 %
employees want self-directed learning
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+ 0 %
sees soft skills development as a strategic priority
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The Solution

Learning & knowledge platform designed by teachers in Denmark

LearnLet, a seamless, tech-enabled learning experience.


On-demand Online Courses. Search, select, and deploy the content you need, directly from our LMS, while being able to track and report everything from one place.


Forget about countless limitations of the traditional job trainings. Immersive experiences brings trainees closer to the real-world experiences without exposing them to real-world mistakes.

Track & measure impact

Increase productivity and efficiency among employees. Attract, retain and develop a high-performance workforce

Engage line managers, map competencies, do the learning paths individual with 360 Training Framework

A proven impact, backed by data

after 6 months of usage, our users...

"I've bacome a better leader for my team, but also for myself"

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feel more confident in their ability to succeed
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see significant improvement in skills
Trusted by over 15,000 users

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Started with teachers. Expanded to enterprise

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