Our mission is to make professional development easier and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

LEARNLET is a career development platform that delivers personalized, executive and on demand courses from industry experts, in a more affordable, scalable and measurable way.


The Problem

The skill gap or the lack of effective development support provided to employees, dramatically decreases employee engagement, performance & retention

Employees consider career development as the most important benefit when choosing to work and stay at a company. 74% want self-directed and independent learning. But only 11% feels they have the benefits at their current company (Linkedin research 19).

Employees consider career development as the most important benefit when choosing to work and stay at a company. 74% want self-directed and independent learning. But only 11% feels they have the benefits at their current company (Linkedin research 19).

Teacher absence due training and meeting costs students 2,2 million lessons in Denmark. (KL 19).

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of leaders lack leadership pipelines.
(Deloitte 17)
0 %
of employees feel disengaged & unsupported
(Gallup 17)
0 %
employees consider career development the most important benefit
(Linkedin research 19)

Why now


Loosing one employee is equal to loosing 40.000$ (Society of Human Ressource Management)

As of 2016 millennials are the largest part of the workforce, followed by the generation z (so called Youtube generation). This is big change in the company culture.

How Gen Z chooses an employer?

How does Gen Z learn?

By doing (examples)
By seeing (reading materials)
By listening (classroom lecture)

Getting to know Gen Z: Barnes and Nobles report


The Solution

LEARNLET is the future of professional development. Learn online or blended with world class industry experts. Develop new skills and career-changing expertise with our flexible courses and award winning platform.

Upskill with a series of specialist courses

LEARNLET is a collection of +10,000 min. video courses, podcasts, pdf / ebooks, etc. With free access to our library, you can ensure the staff equal conditions for competence development. They can see unlimited whenever and wherever they want

We are your partner in helping you enable learning and drive real change. Educate your employees online in a whole new way, exactly when it fits into their schedule.

hours of content per day

High quality content by the experts

We collaborate with experts and leading educators who provide the latest knowledge, best practices, and most relevant research to all as an effective “interactive book” with videos, text, pdf, images etc. You can also view our courses in short, succinct 5-minute episodes to align more easily with everyday life.


The Business Model

LearnLet sells subscriptions to companies and educational institutions.

14 days free trial
1 year subscription (299€/mo)
Access for all employees
Access to all content

Danish and English content

The numbers

paying companies
0 %
from Denmark
0 %
renews subscription
capital from the founder
in funding (yes, zero funding)
in loan

Competitive advantages

& competition


The Team

The LearnLet team are individuals with significant expertise in learning and digital products across multiple platforms.

Ahmet Incikli, Founder & CEO (no salary)
Josephine Solheim, Learning specialist
Leif Møller, Video content creator
Emrah Peskovic, Video content creator
Thony Solheim, Learning Specialist
Thomas Sørensen, Developer


to date

THE IDEA / Founder, Ahmet Incikli, is working as school principal and gets the idea for online courses and webinars for teachers late 2015.

All schools struggles with teacher absence. Statistics shows, that teachers are absent 13 days out off 200 school days, because of development activities and meetings. That means students are missing 44,5 lessons of 45 min. per teacher - and mostly the lessons are covered by nontrained substitutes. Multiplied with all teachers in Denmark, 51.000 teachers, that is alot of amount of absence (2,2 million lessons)

The idea was to streamline the teacher training and use technology to minimize teacher absence - not as alternative to physical courses, but as supplement.

* all data from KL.dk

BUSINESS MODEL / The business model is done and presented to some potential customers.

The first aggrements with educators/instructors are done. Most of them likes the idea of the project, and supports by giving the courses free to use.

The founder invests in IT and media equipments and starts recording the first online courses in danish.

100 COURSES / In the beginning of 2020, 100 courses is made so far and the online learning management platform is developed with teacher/user friendly functions.

Agrement with Uni-C (danish login system for teachers) is done. The platform was testet and approved by 15 schools/teachers. Some users typed "It's like Netflix for teachers / Netflix of learning" as feedback. That became the slogan for our company.

CORONA / March 2020 - all schools are closed in Denmark becuase of the Covid-19. Even though it was not the plan to launch the platform, the founder, team and the instructors agreed on offering the courses and platform free for users during the lockdown. That gave 2.800 user registrations in no time.

FIRST CUSTOMERS / Before summerbreak in 2020, the first customers signs subscriptions. Private schools are the first movers - possible due to less decision procedure, but also the founders network in the private school sector.

December 2020, 224 schools signs subscription.

CUSTOMERS / LearnLet customer segment changes. First +100 user schools and municipalities signs subscriptions. Some small and private schools stops the subscription due the price increase. +5000 user registration is made so far.

ENGLISH CONTENT / The team works on English content. The plan is to launch the platform in Europe, Middle East and Asia in 2022.

HOSPITALITY & RETAIL / April 2021 - The founder meets with potential customers in Middle east and receives preorders from hospitality and retails customers. The idea is - just like the teacher training courses - to do courses for workers in hospitality and retail business.


Plan for growth

What we are looking for?

Professional board
CEO & Sales manager

A capital increase of $700.000 is needed to extend our content with english courses for teachers, extend our business in hospitality and retail, hire a sales manager to increase the sales and new CEO to scale the company. In this way, the founder, can concentrate on the content and network.

Thank you

Ahmet Incikli

Ahmet Incikli


+45 2889 8787