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LEARNLET is a visual and social learning platform with online and blended learning modules by industry experts. View our online video courses on-demand, with new posts every week. We are online and mobile from our own platform, so you can have access to our resources anytime, anywhere and on any device. That is our mission.


Learn Anytime, Anywhere and on Any Device

We collaborate with experts and leading educators who provide the latest knowledge, best practices, and most relevant research to all as an effective “interactive book” with videos, text, pdf, images etc. You can also view our courses in short, succinct 5-minute episodes to align more easily with everyday life.

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A Timesaver for Managers and Employees

LEARNLET is a collection of +10,000 min. video courses, podcasts, pdf / ebooks, etc. With free access to our library, you can ensure the staff equal conditions for competence development. They can see unlimited whenever and wherever they want

We are your partner in helping you enable learning and drive real change. Educate your employees online in a whole new way, exactly when it fits into their schedule.

Microlearning, makes the learning stick through

Microlearning, makes the learning stick through
Learning in small, highly focused chunks is much easier to digest, increases knowledge retention, and captures the attention of easily distractible employees.

For one low monthly price for the whole institution

For one low monthly price

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