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Hospitality Employee Training Platform. Over 1000 lessons in a growing video library, and it's all contained on a purpose-built platform. Created by experts, curated by academics, recognized by industry

Learn Anytime, Anywhere and on Any Device

The future of training is here

A Timesaver for Managers and Employees

LEARNLET is a collection of +10,000 min. video courses, podcasts, pdf/ebooks, and easy-to-use hospitality employee training platform for you and your team. With free access to our library, you can ensure the staff equal conditions for competence development.


A Timesaver for Managers and Employees

Training in the hospitality industry has always presented some major challenges. Many employees often don't have desks or corporate computers, and in the case of seasonal hotels or resorts, problems are amplified by the fact that closing for several months of the year can create a vaccum where employee habits can digress.

With LEARNLET, issues like these no longer have to be roadblocks in your training program; training becomes accessible for all employees on any device, and they can pick up and continue training on the go. Employees can receive and complete training, even before they first step foot on site.

Microlearning, makes the learning stick through

Learning in small, highly focused chunks is much easier to digest, increases knowledge retention, and captures the attention of easily distractible employees.


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